Today in 1944, assassins attempt to kill Adolf Hitler

Author: Sonic

Today in 1944, assassins attempt to kill Adolf Hitler by planting a bomb in his East Prussian headquarters. The F├╝hrer survives and credits divine intervention. Mass arrests follow; nearly 5,000 Germans will be executed for their alleged involvement in the plot.

Often referred to as the July 20 Plot or Operation Valkyrie. The plot was led by a group of high-ranking German military officers and civilians who were opposed to Hitler's leadership and the direction in which he was taking Germany during World War II.

The key figure in the assassination attempt was Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a high-ranking officer in the German Army who had become disillusioned with Hitler and the Nazi regime. Stauffenberg was part of the resistance movement that sought to overthrow Hitler and end the war.

On July 20, 1944, Stauffenberg attended a military briefing at the Wolf's Lair, one of Hitler's military headquarters in East Prussia (now Poland). He carried a briefcase containing a bomb, which he placed under the conference table during the meeting. Stauffenberg left the room before the bomb detonated, intending to kill Hitler and his top aides.

However, during the briefing, someone unknowingly moved the briefcase away from Hitler's legs and behind a thick table leg, which shielded him from the full force of the explosion. This accidental change in the placement of the bomb contributed to Hitler's survival.

The explosion resulted in significant damage and casualties, but Hitler survived with minor injuries. In the aftermath of the failed attempt, Stauffenberg and other conspirators were arrested, and many of them were executed by firing squad on the same day.

Despite the failure of the July 20 Plot, it marked a significant moment in the resistance against Hitler within Germany and demonstrated that there were elements within the German military and society who opposed the Nazi regime's actions. The Gestapo subsequently launched a widespread investigation, leading to the capture and execution of thousands of individuals suspected of being involved in the plot.