About Brothers in Arms


Brothers in Arms was solely formed to deliver an authentic and fun experience for Milsim enthusiasts. We cover the Milsim spectrum with games like Arma 3 and DCS where we try to maintain an immersive and atmospheric representation of WW2, Vietnam and modern era battles and war stories from the various sides and factions.

We use players in a unique way that some times in Operations will take the role of the enemy side. We do this to add to the experience and fun and suspense in our missions.

BIA's Objective is to create the Best Events in Military Games.For example Arma and DCS. We use the same times and days for our missions so our times and dates never change and work in a routine. We play Arma every Wednesday and Saturday and DCS every Monday and Wednesday always at 19.00 GMT.

Anyone can participate in BIA Events without necessarily being a ‘Member’ of the team,all you need to do is just need to Register on the Website and Join Discord after that you are a ‘Player’and can take a slot in Events Page on the website.

For a more immersive experience in BIA, you can become a ‘Member’ of the team using the form on the top right of our website "JOIN B.I.A". You will automatically join the team members as a Τrial member after filling out the quick form and selecting your game. After participating in 4 events and receiving approval from HQ you will become a regular member receiving the rank of Private.
The community holds a General Meeting for all its members on the first Monday of each month at 19.00 GMT.