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Written by: Bolt for the BIA Community

Table of Contents


Website Registration


Correct Name Usage


Event Days


Downloading Mods


How To Join An Event


Game Servers, Teamspeak Server IPs And Passwords


Event Day Etiquette

Website Registration

To join the website go to and check the top right of the website. You will see Register with Steam marked with a Red box

To join the website you need to log in through steam, when you sign in you will automatically make a website account.

Correct Name Usage

Your name must be the same across the website, in game, and in the discord. It must be the same across ALL PLATFORMS, if your name is different you must get someone to change it for you.

You can contact an admin if you need a name change in the discord or on the website. Name changes must be done yourself on Teamspeak and In game.

Event Days

Thursday at 19:00 GMT: Modern-day/Vietnam Operation (Modern day server)
Sunday at 19:00 GMT: WW2 Operation (WW2 server)

Downloading Mods

Go to the website and join the discord via the link at the top of the page. The link for this is underlined in Red.


Once in the discord check the section listed as “#Information” in the discord under the “Brothers Information” section. Click on the html and save it to an easy to find folder.

Open the arma 3 launcher and click on the Mods section. After that click on Presets, open the presets dropdown, and click “import presets”
Mods section highlighted in Red.

Select the preset section, go into the dropdown menu, and select import preset

When you click Import you can then select th HTML that you downloaded

Once the modlist is imported the Arma 3 launcher will download all the needed files from the workshop and organize them in an easy to see list. This process will take time so make sure to download the modlist A DAY OR TWO BEFORE THE OP. If you start a download right before the op you will not have it downloaded in time.

Once your modlist is imported it should look similar to this

How To Join An Event

Example of an event details screen. It shows the Date and Time of the op, the Era, what Type of op it is, the op Author(s), and how many Slots were taken and left.

The middle has a more detailed description of the settings for the op day including Medical Level, Prevent insta death, Damage Resistance, Enemy Difficulty, Medics Settings, Lives, Respawn System, and the Modpack.

After a mission is finished you can Rate the mission.

Your current slot you are in or a slot that is reserved is marked in Red, the Blue box are open slots that you can join.

Game Servers, Teamspeak Server IPs And Passwords

To connect to the game server you will need an IP address, a Port, and a Password. This is found in the #information section of the discord.

Selected in Red is the IP Address, Blue is the port, and Green is the password

Once you have this information go to the Server Browser, select “Direct connect” and enter the information.

The above the box underlined with Red is where you put the ip address, the box underlined with Blue is where you the port

Once you click join the serve will pop up in your browser. Select the server and hit join, it will ask you for a password.

Put the password from the information channel in on this screen

Once in the server select a role that matches the role you selected on the website.

Teamspeak install

Go to this website and install the 64 bit teamspeak client

Shown by the Red box is where you you download the 64 bit client from

Once you download and install teamspeak you can configure and personalize your settings in the options menu underlined in Red

In the options menu you can configure your mic settings, your sound settings, hotkeys, and other personalized settings.

Connecting to the Teamspeak server
To connect to the server you must put the ip and port into the connection info box and then set your name so it’s the same as the other locations (steam, server, website, etc)

Bookmark Name is what is displayed when you open the bookmark tab, the Nickname is the name you appear as in the server and the Server Nickname or Address is where you put the IP and port.

Installing TFAR
Go to and download the Beta client off the website.

Download Beta is shown with a Red box

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the top zip file shown with the Red box and save the zip file.

Open the Zip file and extract the folder @TaskForceRadio folder to download. Open the folder and then open the Teamspeak folder underlined in Red.

Once you open the teamspeak folder run the file named “task_force_radio.ts3_plugin” and click ok. Once the plugin is installed go to teamspeak, open tools, options and check addons. Make sure that it matches the name marked in Red and that the Blue box shows as Enabled. The Green underline is the version and you need to make sure you are using the newest version.

Event Day Etiquette
During the event follow this procedure on the day of the op:

1. Roughly 20-30 minutes join the teamspeak server and start up arma 3, you can talk with others but if a staff member wants to get your attention please remain quiet.

2. Join into the server and select the same slot that you picked on the website unless instructed otherwise

3. Wait for the mission to start, don’t try to load into the mission before it is read

4. Once the mission starts you will move to the briefing screen showing a map of the mission, DO NOT click continue as the briefing will be done while on this screen, remain quiet at this time so the commander can brief you on the op details.

5. Once the mission is loaded find your assigned squad, either line up or group up behind your squad leader, and listen to your squad leader for your instructions.

6. After the op is finished you can check the event page on the website to rate the mission out of 10 stars