Team Regulation

                           BROTHERS IN ARMS REGULATION


 The organization-team accepts as members any citizens whether they live in World as long as they are above 18 years of age.The candidate member sends an Application Form by clicking the Button JOIN BIA wich the Headquarter receives and accept it or not. After it is accepted the candidate gets in the list of trial members. In the beginning he can only enter one game. If he finally graduates and becomes a regular member he gets the Private (Pvt) Rank, then he can get into a second game. Of course he will the same Rank in all the games.

If a member wants to get into some other game he must notify the Commander or Second in command of the game in which he wants to get into. They, in turn, will notify the Headquarter.


Members are separated into 6 categories.

A. NEW MEMBERS: are characterized those who got into a team and are trial members. They have the obligation to register their entrance in the Discord Introduction Chanel.NEW MEMBERS stating the game the registered in, and any questions or clarifications they want. They remain Trial for four weeks or 4 Events and depending on their participation,activity and character they become Permanent Members getting the Rank Pvt or they are deleted.

B. ACTIVE: when they regularly follow the activities of the team and take part in at least 4 official events-trainings a month.

In order to it appears this it should they naturally declare attendance in the official events of team use calendar into website and they are presented in them.

C.ON A LEAVE: Each member can take a leave of absence up to 3 months a year. To certify he is on a leave he must post it on the relevant section of the team Discord, where he will specify the exact period he will be on a leave. The Commander or the second in command of his game will answer underneath the post if they approve the leave. If he returns earlier he posts again in the same section of the forum. While he is on a leave he does not lose his administrative position. If a member goes on a leave without applying at the team forum then he is unjustifiably absent.

D. ON RESERVE: members go on reserve if they have not appeared without notification for a month or if they have attended only three or less official events-training within a month. They remain on reserve for a month and then are permanently deleted if they do not become active during this month. When they are on reserve they receive a warning email. They receive an email when they are permanently deleted.

E. REREGISTRABLE. When a member is deleted at his own will or fault and returns after some time he reenters the team with the degree of Pvt. He must of course send a registration form. When a member is punished and deleted from the team he cannot reregister.

F. HONORARY. To become an honorary member one must have been continuously active for five consecutive years. He is automatically rewarded the correspondent Medal of the team. As an honorary member he keeps the rank he had obtained when he stopped being an active member for always, and has the right to participate in the team’s activities forever as a regular member. If however he is not active he cannot hold an administrative post or participate in games of the team. When he comes back in full service he can participate like all the officers.


The purpose of hierarchy is to show the work and offer of each member to the team during the time of his presence in it, in a fair way. It also helps the administration to be effective and functional. The degree of each member depends mostly on the time he is active as a member of the team and not on his performance at the game, or his general presence in the activities of the organization.

The highest administrator is the Headquarter (Supreme Council). The chief of the team takes part with 3 votes, the second and 3rd in command with 2 votes.All Managers and Game Commanders have the right to vote in the supreme council with one vote each.

Coordinator in the HQ is the chief of the team and when he is not present the senior second in command takes over. Besides the chosen subjects that have been published in the relevant topic of the Discord and for which decisions will be taken through vote, other subjects can also be put down through vote by the attendees, but we cannot vote for them or take a decision. The HQ is convened every first working day of the month one hour before the correspondent general meeting. It can also be convened by the chief or second in command of the team providing there is an announcement in the calendar of the forum 24 hours beforehand.


Each game is different as for its administration, with the only restriction that no rule can be opposite or contrary to the benefit of the team or not in accordance with the general regulation of the team. No matter how high the degree of a member he cannot be involved in the administration of a specific game if he does not belong to it. This rule excludes the chief, the seconds in command of the team who can ask for explanations and a report from the administrators of all the games.

No commander of the game or second in command can change the prearranged meeting programme of the team if not approved by the chief or second in command of the team so as to avoid misunderstandings within the game.

The chief of the team states which tournaments and championships the team will take part in, and not the Game Commander.

The weekly meeting program is determined by the chief and seconds in command after they take into consideration the proposals of all Games Commanders.


A.TEAM CHIEF. Chief is the one who defines the commanders and seconds in commandof the different games and divisions of the team. He defines which candidates will be accepted as cadets in the team. He regulates and controls the whole function of the team and is obligated to ask a verdict of the HQ for matters of strategy. In all the votes he has 3 votes. He is elected every 5 years after a vote of the HQ and can be paused from his position if there is an official censure by the 100% of the votes of the HQ.

B. TEAM SECOND IN COMMAND. They are the ones who help the chief at his tasks, monitor the activities and performances of the different games and departments and define like the chief which candidates will be accepted as cadets by the team. They carry two votes in every vote. They are elected every 5 years after a vote of the HQ and can be paused from their position after a suggestion of the chief and a vote at the HQ.

C. GAME - DIVISION - COMMANDERS. They are defined by the chief of the team. They are responsible for the course of the game division they command. They report to the chief or the seconds in command of the team. They are responsible for the organization of the games. They make the composition of the team and define the way the trainings are made. They are obliged to send the presences at the headquarters of the team at the end of the month. They can propose a member of the game division they command for a medal at the HQ. They are forum moderators at their game. They inform to site for news or developments about their game. They represent their game in general meetings of the whole team. They can be changed from their position by decision of the team chief.

D. GAME DIVISION –SECOND IN COMMAND. They are defined by the chief of the team. They help the commander at his task. They report only to their commander and not directly to the chief or second in command of the team. They are responsible for the calendar and the server of their game. They are obliged to have the server of the game always ready for their trainings and their competitions in cooperation with the department of research and technology. They are forum moderators. They can propose a member of the game department they run at the HQ, for a medal.

They represent their game at the general meeting of the whole team if their commander is absent. They can be changed from their position by decision of the chief of the team.

E. TRAINING COMMANDER. He is defined and seized by the commander of the game and must have excellent knowledge of it. He is the one who controls the course of the trial members and decides whether they will become a regular member or not. He performs the training program that has been given to him by the team. At times he can take over some of the duties of the second in command concerning the site or the server of the game.


Promotions are given every eight (6) months to Members, but only if they active in the Community within the relative time periods.

Judgements and promotions are made every 6 months, that is every January 1st (JUDGMENT A) and Every July 1st (JUDGMENTB).

Once the promotion is announced at the site, in the section “PROMOTIONS” by the HQ (chief, seconds in command) of the whole team, the person being promoted has the right and the obligation to wear his new call signs (that appear by his nickname).

Someone who did not get promoted has the right to send an objection stating his arguments and sending it to the headquarters of the team.

A promotion is not regarded as the end of training of a member who becomes a private (Pvt) from a trial. This requires his participation in all basic training meetings and the announcement of the commander of the game to the member who can no longer carry his new call signs. In this case the commander sends an email of the promotion to the chief and second in command of the team so that the site is informed.


For a member to be proposed for a medal he must be proposed to the HQ through the forum of the team by a Gamecommander or by the chief of seconds in command of the team. In the next meeting of the HQ through the forum in the special field there is a vote and it is decided whether to give the medal or not. The medal is signed by the chief and seconds in command of the team and then is sent via email to the beneficiary and the chief.


A member can get punishment or ratification through the same procedure as for the medals.


To add or subtract a game or department by the team there must be a proposal by the chief of the team and the sole competent to decide is the HQ by majority.


The rules and regulations that govern the matches of the team (whether official or friendly) are:

1. No match can be held unless it has been posted at least 24 hours before in the official calendar of the team. For a match to be posted in the calendar there must be permission from the chief and seconds in command of the team. No Game commander can book a match at a day or time that other games of the team have their scheduled training. This can only happen by permission of the team’s headquarters.

2. All matches must have at least 5 members. Therefore members who wish to take part in 1vs1 or 2vs2 or 3vs3 or 4vs4 will do so at their own risk and completely individually (they will not wear their uniform tags of the team) they will not represent in any case our team, while they cannot use the team servers. The strategy games and simulators that are played with few individuals are excluded from this rule.

4. For the creation of the team that take part in an official or friendly matchor eventthe following criteria for anyone who wants to participate apply.

a. His certified availability. That means who has stated he is certain from the previous day.

b. The number of trainings he has attended during the month previous to the game. Therefore it is important to take account of presences in each training.

c. The discipline and team work he shows.

d. His skill.

Naturally the final word for the team creation is up to the Game commander.


At every meeting, official or not, the HQ ensures that the highest in rank member controls the conversation. If there are member with the same rank, the oldest takes over. He also takes care for the order so that there are no quarrels or conflicts. This is very important so as to avoid delays when a member talks about an irrelevant matter, or when some members are provocative. Not anyone can talk about whatever he wants or about irrelevant matters.

No member can take part in a tournament or project that has to do with the games that someone outside the team is organizing if he does not have permission from the headquarters (chief or seconds in command).

Two memberscannot have the same or similar nickname. The person who joined later has to change it. The nickname can be consisted by latin letters and the first letter must be capital. If a member wants to change his nickname he must ask the commander of the game he is a member to. The commander informs the chief and seconds in command of the team who then make a final decision.

It is strictly forbidden for any member of the team to hold and maintain his own server in any of the games he has or the team will have in the future. All members will have to use the team’s server during trainings and games.

A member is not allowed to be at the same time in another team (clan) which supports even a same game that our team has as well.

The members are obliged to wear their uniform (tags) at all times when they are playing on a server.


The general meeting of all the members of the team is held every first working day of the month at TeamSpeak at a time defined by the chief and all members must attend. At the general meeting the chiefs, the seconds in command and the commanders of all games and all Departments of the team, inform the other member of the developments. The talk is regulated by the chief or a second in command of the team.


The forum is mainly a means of communication of members but also of visitors of the team, that is why everybody must show care and respect, if not there will be consequences. Spamming is forbidden as well as answers like e-motion (emoticons) or simple words without a specific meaning. Such posts will be deleted without a warning.

We write only in English. Every post not written in English will be deleted without a warning. The same goes for information from official sites of games which at times announce important information. For the information of the members about any game, a relevant link leading to the corresponding page will be posted.

We do no use bad language, or irony and in general we behave well. If there are such posts the admins of the forum can delete them without a warning. All posts are written in corresponding theme sections and NOT in other sections irrelevant to the subject (resignations-multimedia etc)

Nobody can alter or add theme in the team’s forum unless he is authorized by the HQ.


The use of any cheat is strictly forbidden by the members of the team whether they play in team’s servers or other servers. The use of cheat is not allowed even as a joke. Offenders are strictly punished the first time and in case they do it again they are permanently banned from the team. Only condition for the punishment is that there is proof and not just clues.


This regulation stands for a constitution and for this reason the decision of the HQ is required by 100% majority for it to alter, or even add or abstract an article.