There’s a new DCS: Mosquito teaser out and you can watch it right now.

Author: Sonic

A short video has been released by Eagle Dynamics on their YouTube channel called “The Mossies are coming!” with some grainy black and white images from real Mosquito operations during WWII interspersed with clips from DCS World done in a similar style.

One of the clips appears to be from the Operation Jericho prison break operation which then jumps to the DCS World version of the same location. It’s a cool sequence! Check out the short video right now.

Release imminent?

Things are likely about to heat up for DCS: Mosquito fans as teasers like this one tend to come out not too far ahead of an actual release.

You may recal’ that the release of this project was intended for earlier in the year, however, it was held back amidst rumours and a few details that the exterior 3D model wasn’t quite up to scratch. It sounds like Eagle Dynamics has been remaking a lot of the exterior work over the last few months and they are finally about to show it off.