RC testing of update 2.02 has begun

Author: Sonic

Steam branch access code: Arma3Update202RC
Arma 3: ~1.5 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~220 MB


Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog - see Dev-Branch for more details)

  • Added: Art of War DLC (feedback and more info)
  • Added: 2 Showcases*
  • Added: Formal Suits*
  • Added: Parade Uniforms*
  • Added: Parade Caps*
  • Added: Civilian Backpacks*
  • Added: Art T-Shirts
  • Added: Art Gallery Objects
  • Added: Memorial Objects
  • Added: 8 Steam Achievements
  • Tweaked: Better gunner animations for various vehicles (f.e. helicopter doorgunners)
  • Added: Improved support for Challenges (Firing Drills / Time Trials) via Steam Workshop
  • Added: setObjectScale (technical restrictions apply; scale responsibly)
  • Added: attachTo optional bone rotation
  • Added: HashMap for scripting