Author: Sonic

EAGLE CLAW, a joint task force effort to rescue 52 Americans held hostage by Iranian militants, ended in failure. The hostages had been held since 4 Nov 1979, when students supporting the Islamic revolution stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.



The operation was planned and executed by the United States military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, and involved a complex series of maneuvers by air and ground forces. However, the mission was ultimately aborted after several helicopters encountered mechanical problems and one of them crashed into a transport aircraft, resulting in the deaths of eight American servicemen.

The failure of Operation Eagle Claw was a significant blow to the United States' international standing and marked a major setback in its efforts to resolve the Iran hostage crisis. It also resulted in a major reevaluation of the US military's capabilities and led to significant reforms in its planning and execution of special operations.