New Mod Releases for Arma 3

Author: 0stap

Whilst there is now almost constant speculation over the development and release of a sequel to the series, it cannot be argued that the community of creators around Arma 3 is anywhere close to moving on, with a number of significant new releases recently crossing the horizon to add to the already immense library of content existing for the title. Here I intend simply to highlight a couple of points of interest of which some readers may not be aware, noting that I could not possibly hope to catalogue such a scene in its entirety.

CUP’s Newest Content

As of this week Community Update Project released a significant update containing many months’ cumulative content, including new uniforms, armors and weapons for both US and RU factions, sundry vehicles and various other updates. Lacking some of the new terrain(s) that have been teased, it does include new static ship assets including fully equipped aircraft carriers and a hovercraft or two. I look forward to seeing content created using the new assets within BiA, and hope that the naval assets can be perfected to be reliably functional in live operations.

AC-130 Above

I’ve personally enjoyed a number of the smaller scale hack-together mods that create the illusion of an AC-130, such as Warhead’s AC-130 mod that turns an MQ-4A into a functional AC130 Drone and some of the older, now legacy flyable planes, but these have always been crude approximations of the USAF Mod AC-130 that’s been in development for five years. In fact, I can scarcely remember Arma 3 existing without the sneak-peaks that have come from A3TI engineer/creator PingoPete, whose thermal imaging improvement mod team, to my knowledge, were involved in the AC-130 mod’s development. Now that it’s been released in beta form, I am entirely confident that I am not the only keyboard CCT keenly looking to see this in action in live operations.


ACE3’s new release

ACE3’s 3.13.4 update released very late last August brings sundry minor notes unlikely to excite the regular playerbase, but one albeit small update is sure to be bringing some disquiet to the community; ‘Add unconscious animations’ brings various new animations to unconscious units, and is sure to make life for those encountering the dead or dying on the battlefield that little bit harder, with identifying the saveable from the far-gone requiring slightly more nuance than the ‘do they look exactly like that one animation?’ of old.

Closer to Home

It would be remiss of me not to mention creative efforts more local to ourselves at BiA. The intention to work on an ambitious, large scale content pack tailored specifically to BiA’s needs was announced earlier this week, and plans to include content germane to some of the most famous conflicts and theatres in modern world history.

At the most preliminary stages, the so named BiA mod will be looking for content creators to produce maps upon which the famous battle of Britain and Asia–Pacific War can be reenacted, accompanied with various supporting content to include naval assets accurate to the period.

While still in the earliest stages, from what I know of the skill and competence of the names involved, I am sure that it will be successful in its aims, and potentially very influential within the community.

In Conclusion

I hope that the summary of recent releases and content above has contained at least one morsel of new amusement for even the most veteran amongst our readership, but note that works of this nature are an invitation to the proof of Cunningham’s Law, to which I can only look forward to. If you think I’ve come up lacking in writing this, either by factual error or omission of something you hold dear, I invite you to get in touch. The future may very well hold more content on this topic.

Article by 0stap for BiA Community with respect to referenced content creators and owners.