JM's Second Assault- A refreshing reminder

Author: Danny

                                                                     JM's Second Assault
JM's Second assault is a new mod that adds something that no other mod attempted to recreate. This mod adds a nation that is often viewed as incompetent and a nation that contributed very little to Nazi Germany’s domination. They in fact were a valuable ally to the Germans as they controlled most of the Balkans, Western and Northern Africa alongside Ethiopia. Italy’s bad results during the Second World war are based on the bloated buerocracy, incompetent officer corp and outdated equipment. One thing Italians had going for them during the war was the Navy that was significantly larger than the Kriegsmarine but still was no match for the Royal navy that Great Britain fielded at a time as it lacked aircraft carriers and newer cruisers.

This mod focuses on the ground branch of the Italian Armed Forces. Other assets in this mod include some desert units of the British Empire.

Italy has addition of the AB41 armoured vehicle that has a 20mm Autocannon and 2 Breda machineguns, one coaxial and one on the back. It also adds about 20 different kinds of soldiers that have Carcano rifles, Breda Light machineguns and submachineguns MAB38 chambered in 9mm. Italian uniforms are quiet unique as they have the caracteristic feathers in helmets and hats. Also adds a 75mm Field Gun that can fire up to a distance of 7700m.

Overall this is a very nice mod that still has some work to be done on it, as some of the damage models are not correct and the AT capabitlities of the Italians are underwhelming. But we will be watching it with great anticipation.


P.S. This is the link to the Mod: