BIA Historical Campaign Battle of Iwo Jima

Author: Aris

BIA will create a Campaign based on historical facts honoring the memory of all the soldiers who died in one of the toughest battles of World War II the Battle of Iwo Jima.

American Pre Operations
Starting on 15 June 1944, the US Navy and the US Army Air Forces began Naval bombardments and Air raids against Iwo Jima, which would become the longest and most intense in the Pacific theater.These would contain a combination of Naval artillery shellings and aerila bombings that went on for nine months. On 17 February, the Destroyer USS Blessman sent Underwater Demolition Team 15 (UDT-15) toward Blue Beach for reconnaissance. The Japanese fired on them, killing one American diver. On the evening of 18 February, the Blessman was hit by a bomb from a Japanese aircraft, killing 40 sailors, including 15 members of her UDT.

Unaware of Kuribayashi's tunnel defense system, many of the Americans assumed the majority of the Japanese garrison were killed by the constant bombing raids.



1st Event Saturday 3rd October 19.00 GMT.

Will be a Commandos raid for recconaissance plus B-17 Bombers Mission for reduce enemy strenth.
Slots 32.(Pilots plus PAB play as Underwater Demolition Team 15)


Landing at Iwo Jima

At 08:59, one minute ahead of schedule, the first wave of Marines landed on the beaches of the southeastern coast of Iwo Jima. Major Howard Connor, 5th Marine Division signal officer, had six Navajo code talkers working around the clock during the first two days of the battle. These six sent and received over 800 messages, all without error. Connor later stated, "Were it not for the Navajos, the Marines would never have taken Iwo Jima.

The lack of a vigorous response led the Navy to conclude that their bombardment had suppressed the Japanese defenses and in good order the Marines began deployment to the Iwo Jima beach.Gen. Kuribayashi was far from beaten, however. In the deathly silence, landed US Marines began to slowly inch their way forward inland, oblivious to the danger. After allowing the Americans to pile up men and machinery on the beach for just over an hour, Kuribayashi unleashed the undiminished force of his countermeasures. Shortly after 10:00, everything from machine guns and mortars to heavy artillery began to rain down on the crowded beach, which was quickly transformed into a nightmarish bloodbath.



2nd Event Sunday 4th October 19.00 GMT.

Will play as the 5th Marine Division Landing in the beach and try to capture the south part of the Island including Suribachi.

Slots 64.(8 Pilots,12 Tankers and 14 Enemy Human Players ).

Capture Norther Island

The rocky terrain vastly favored defense, even more so than Mount Suribachi, which was much easier to hit with naval artillery fire. Coupled with this, the fortifications constructed by Kuribayashi were more impressive than at the southern end of the island.Remaining under the command of Kuribayashi was the equivalent of eight infantry battalions, a tank regiment, and two artillery and three heavy mortar battalions. There were also about 5,000 gunners and naval infantry. The most arduous task left to the Marines was the overtaking of the Motoyama Plateau with its distinctive Hill 382 and Turkey knob and the area in between referred to as the Amphitheater. This formed the basis of what came to be known as the "meatgrinder". While this was being achieved on the right flank, the left was clearing out Hill 362 with just as much difficulty. The overall objective at this point was to take control of Airfield No. 2 in the center of the island. However, every "penetration seemed to become a disaster" as "units were raked from the flanks, chewed up, and sometimes wiped out.



Tanks were destroyed by interlocking fire or were hoisted into the air on the spouting fireballs of buried mines". As a result, the fighting bogged down, with American casualties piling up. Even capturing these points was not a solution to the problem since a previously secured position could be attacked from the rear by the use of the tunnels and hidden pillboxes. As such, it was said that "they could take these heights at will, and then regret it.

3rd Event Sunday 11th October 19.00 GMT

Will play as the 3rd Marine Division starting from Yellow and Blue Beaches and try to Capture the two Airfields and Japanesse Lt General Tadamichi Kuribayashi Headquarter.

Slots 64.(8 Pilots 12 Tankers and 14 Enemy Human Players).