Battle of arnhem and Joint operations

Author: Woods

Tonight was a big success for BIA with our collaboration with Arma serbia we have an achieved something great.

On Behalf of HQ, we would like to thank Arma Serbia for collaborating with us to achieve such an outstanding joint operation one both communities can say they enjoyed very much and we would like to also thank you. Without committed BIA members we would never have been able to do tonight’s operation you guys are some of the most ideal members of BIA and those who showed great strength and love for the game tonight won’t be forgotten we thank you for being apart of BIA and for attending the missions whether you are an official member or unofficial we thank you.

Tonight was not just about the operation but collaboration with other units here at BIA we thrive on being a community and a big apart of that comes with other units we encourage all BIA members to actively look for units to collaborate with whether its a unit you where apart of or one you know of don’t be afraid to message them about us and tell them to get in contact with us. Same goes for player recruitment here at BIA we cannot achieve operations at this level without players so if you know someone again it does not hurt to recruit them or ask them if they want to join.