[Arma 3] Modded Monday #2: Lago Melee Mod

Author: Bolt

Happy Modded Monday!

I hope the past week has been good to you all. It's been a roller coaster of a ride, hasn't it? Anyways, let's jump into this week in Arma 3 modded news. Nothing too crazy aside from a Northern Fronts update, WW2 uniforms breaking for me, and a working melee system for Arma 3. Oh wait, what was that last one? That's right! Now, I'm not going to undermine the brilliance of MOCAP Melee. If you are "trying" to do some stealth operations in the game, first off good luck with the AI, it's a great mod to use. While I'm still holding out for Webknight's teased melee through the lightsaber and Fallout barbaric weaponry animations, this is something I see being very useful for a lot of units. Take a look at Lago's melee system for Arma 3. Enjoy!