Regulation of Biaarma

BIA Regulations

Article 1: Members and acceptance procedure

BiA has two kinds of members; Professional Players and Casual Players with each species wears the appropriate Tags. Every newcomer to the community starts as a Casual player. If he wants to take a position as a Professional Player he must first participate in 4 missions and then complete the appropriate application.

BIA accepts active Arma 3 players from anywhere in the world as long as they follow these general requirements. They must own Arma 3 and be able to participate in modded operations. Members can be of any age but must be mature, work well with others, and follow the rules and regulations of the community. BIA members must be able to read and understand English at a very basic level. Previous experience in Arma 3 is an asset but not a requirement.

All Players must join the discord and join the website (see #How-to-play in the website or discord if you need help) and their name must be the same across all platforms. When you first join you will be a player, this lets you take basic infantry roles of Rifleman, MG, and assistant unless instructed otherwise. In order to join an operation you must select your slot on the website at least 1 day prior to the operation in order to not steal other’s roles. After 4 Operations with BIA you can apply to a higher role (Professional Player). You will fill out the form on the website and after some time be contacted for an interview if your requested position has open slots (See Articles 2, 3, 4, and 5 for info on role requirements and specifics on joining each role).


Article 2: Member Obligations

Article 2.1 Casual Player Obligations

We characterise casual players as people who have the option to attend as many missions as they want a week without any obligation to do so. For These players we treat it as a more casual experience where you can show up whenever you want to and play. There is not a minimum requirement for missions played to become a Casual player. As well as casual players can be members in other Arma Communities or Units. Although, As a casual player we do ask that you don’t fill positions which fall under any of our roles which are listed in article 4.


Article 2.2 Professional Players Obligations

Professional Players are higher positions in BIA that are split into several important roles within an Arma 3 operation (See Article 4: Game roles). Members are required to be active to keep their position (at least 80% operation attendance per month rounding up). They must attend training with the leader of their specific role as well as report directly to them for questions, concerns, and comments. You will be required to fill the role you are trained in and only take other slots when asked to do so or when your given role is not open in an operation.

Professional players cannot be members of other Arma Communities or Units


Article 2.3 General Obligations

We ask that everyone who comes to our community is at a certain level of maturity where they are able to follow rules and guidelines as well as not be in any way offensive to other people. We also ask that you do not misbehave over discord or post anything considered not safe for work.

At the start of missions every player/member is silent in order for our squad leaders, team leaders and commanders to sort out any issues and get the mission rolling as soon as possible. During Missions we ask that people are serious and don’t speak when they shouldn’t. As well as that, they should be mature and pay attention to their leaders. Messing and joking around in the middle of a mission is frowned upon and should not be done in a mission. Try to leave anything completely off topic for after a mission instead.

Listen to your Team Leaders, Squad leaders and Commanders. Not listening to them depending on the circumstance could lead to punishment (Article 6). Deciding against them or purposefully ignoring them will lead to harsher punishments depending on the situation.

Any sort of racism will not be tolerated within our community. Although we play certain factions and groups of people that were historically racist, Playing as them doesn’t allow us to say anything thought to be racist in modern society. (see Article 6: Rules and Punishments for more information)

You should accept the views of other people over different matters and not let that make you in any way harass the person or make you act out against them. If you have any issues with other people and what their views are.

See article 3: Chain of Command, This will be followed up the chain and if necessary people will be spoken to about it. 


Article 3: Chain of Command

Members are required to follow the chain of command when it comes to both in and out of game actions. Make sure to bring any questions, comments, and concerns to the right person or you will not receive a response. Continued disregard for the chain of command may result in a punishment.


Current chain of command:

Community Manager HQ: Aris and Lord




Operation Commanders: RockerFox and Max Kahid


Head of Squad Lead and Team lead roles: Payne

Head of Pilots: Andrew Cooper

Head of Tankers: Imbalance

Head of Medics: Matthew Savage

Head of Specialists: KiarLV


Article 4: Game Roles

            Players - Players are allowed to take basic infantry roles. This includes Rifleman, MG, assistant MG/AT, and drivers of basic vehicles (Trucks, Cars, bikes, etc). Note that if you are not active you may be removed from your player role and if you repeatedly take roles you are not allowed to you will be punished.


            Specialists - Specialists are an advanced infantry role that is tasked with carrying out important jobs in operations. These roles include Artillery Crew, RTO (Jtac, forward observer), Drone Operation, Engineering, EOD, Scuba, Sniping, Anti Tank, and Paradropping. Specialists are required to be trained in all of these roles but they can have a prefered role they wish to do.


            Medics - Medics are infantry trained to treat advanced wounds with the ACE medical systems as well as handle massive numbers of casualties that are caused by large scale fighting and explosives. Medics must be well versed with ACE Advanced Medical including prioritizing patents, reviving unconscious personnel, managing blood pressure, handling cardiac arrest, and balancing drugs in a patient's system.




Tankers - Tankers are tasked with driving light and heavy armored vehicles in a combat environment. They provide supporting fire against enemy emplacements and large groups of infantry as well as dispatching enemy vehicles. Tankers crew light armored cars, IFVs, Heavy AA, APCs, Light, Medium, and Heavy tanks. Note that they must be well versed in Tanks of Modern, WW2, and Vietnam eras.


            Pilots - Pilots are tasked with flying fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft to provide support to ground forces. They provide troop and equipment transport, air to air cover, and close air support. Like Tankers, pilots must be well versed in Modern, WW2, and Vietnam era aircraft.


            Team leads - Team leads are assistants to squad leads. They act as second in command to squad leads and help keep men organized and focused on completing the given objective. If a squad lead goes down, dies, or is otherwise incapacitated they may be required to take over for the squad leader.


            Squad Leads - Squad leads are tasked with organizing their squads, keeping discipline of their troops, and employing squad level tactics to complete the overall strategy set out by the commanders in an operation. Squad leaders are those with strong leadership and social skills as well as great multi-taskers that can quickly adapt their squad to deal with problems with information from direct contact and information passed up or down the chain of command by others.


            Commanders - Commanders are those who lay out the large scale plan of an operation and give orders to squad leads as well as decide when and where to use mission critical assets (tanks, aircraft, fire support). A commander may give direct orders in the field or get those around him to carry out tasks through squad lead and positional leads on a long range radio.

Article 5:  Role Recruitment and transfers

Once you have played 4 ops with BIA you can apply to a position if it is open and you are in good standing with the community. You will fill out the form on the Website and provide the following: name, when you joined BIA, what position you want to join, experience in BIA (number of ops and position) and experience outside of BIA.

If your application is accepted we will contact you about an interview with the head of the department you are interested in joining. During the interview you will be assessed on a set of questions related to the role you want to join. If you are accepted then you will train with the leader of a given role and be allowed to take on that role in an op.The process to transfer roles is the same as the process to apply.

Note that if your attendance isn’t good, you refuse to do training, or you receive too many complaints about your conduct you may be removed from your role. (see Article 6: Rules and Punishments)


Article 6: Rules and Punishments

If you have any issues with anyone breaking these rules see article 3: Chain of Command, This will be followed up the chain and will be dealt with correctly by higher ups.

Article 6.1 Discord Rules:

  • Nothing considered Not safe for work should be posted in the discord.
  • Nothing considered not PC (Politically correct) should be posted in Discord, This includes Racism, Homophobia etc.
  • Allow other people to have different political views about different subjects up until it becomes offensive.
  • No spamming different pictures or writings into channels.
  • Don’t use our discord to advertise or to scam anyone as this will be met with harsh punishment.
  • Nothing considered “ear rape” in any of our voice channels
  • If you are playing a soundboard and someone asks you to stop then, you should do so.
  • Use the correct Text channel for what you are discussing e.g DCS in the #dcs chat.


    Article 6.2 In game rules

  • Be silent at the start of missions, so your leaders can prepare as quickly as possible for missions.
  • No playing of soundboards unless given permission from a squad leader or higher. (Members with different roles must speak to their higher ups e.g pilot to the pilot leader)
  • Always follow the command of your leader in game, not doing so could harm the mission or cause other players to have a worse experience.
  • Do not ruin the mission by wandering off, this could have a large knock on effect damaging how the mission is run.


  • Don’t ruin the immersion of other players through anything off topic or generally distracting,
  • Do not friendly fire under any circumstance unless given permission from a commander, This will ruin the experience of players and can not be tolerated.
  • Stealing enemy uniforms is strictly prohibited. You can take Backpacks and vests in some situations but Uniforms and helmets must not be taken.
  • No one can participate in the mission after it has commenced. Unless in exceptional cases and only if someone has informed the Admin that they will be delayed can participate ten minutes after its start.


Article 6.3 Cheating

Cheating is described as “acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.” This includes using external mods or settings that give you an advantage over the average player. This includes the use of esp, arsenals etc Any use of cheats like this will result in being removed from the community. Cheating is zero tolerance and if given evidence people will be removed from roles or kicked from the community. Cheating can also involve the sharing of information such as radio frequencies in a pvp mission, giving all this information to the enemy team.

To repeat, Do not cheat. If found out you will face removal from your role or the community depending on your time in BiA. If found recently cheating in other gaming communities a similar punishment will be handed out.


Article 6.4 Punishments

Punishments will ultimately be decided between senior commanders, whether the person is “guilty” and what their punishment ultimately is.

  1. Punishments sequence (These will vary depending on seriousness)
  2. For ingame offenses and other repeat offenses
  3. Warning (Warnings will be given to members if they make an infraction on one of the rules)
  4. 1 mission ban (You will be asked not to attend the next mission/event)
  5. Formal discussion about your position in BiA
  6. Removal of Role and/or removal from community


For infractions of discord rules

  1. Warning
  2. Muting from multiple channels for1 hour
  3. Muting from all channels for 1 day
  4. Muting from all channels for 1 week
  5. Formal discussion
  6. Removal from discord


Article 7: Regulation Agreement

By joining BIA you agree to the above Articles and to abide by the rules and regulations of the community. Breaching these rules and regulations can get you removed from your role or removed from the community overall.