Arma Mission Making

Brothers in Arms offers custom made high-quality mission events two times a week. The mission making process is regulated and streamlined as much as possible in order to facilitate a constant flow of immersive operations that meet all of our quality standards.

Official Brothers in Arms events are unique in the sense that they seek to bring action to every player that is partaking. Most other large communities only offer a slow paced experience with a very low amount of contacts that are repetitive in nature due to the smaller mod packs used.

Brothers in Arms approach is to maintain a healthy balance between AI count, mods and player count in order to offer action-packed, varied and well performing missions to our players on a regular basis. This goal is achieved by tight cooperation between each mission maker and our technical supervisor and coder Vuk who is also the author of our mission template framework. Said framework plays a key role in bringing consistency into mission presentation, adding important features but also in aiding mission performance from a technical point of view.

Generally every player of the community can apply for the paid role as a professional mission maker. Further information about the procedure and requirements are to be found on our official Discord Server.