Athena Training Camp

Athena Combat Training In Operational Norms (A.C.T.I.O.N.), is a highly classified BIA black project regarding the military development of elite Tier One Operators, the project encompasses the entire island and is fondly referred to as the Athena Training Camp by those select few who have the honour of training here.
The Island is split up into strategic area's for training's sake and with multiple spawn points allows members to slot, spawn, load up and get involved in training in the shortest possible time. Although we are primarily an Airbourne Brigade, we have additional training in all areas of combat and we're proud to be able to offer some of the best experiences in Infantry, Aviation and Armour.

Main Base
As with any training camp, the primary body of activity is based where safely possible at our Main Base where you'll get the chance to spawn into initially during our Training Sessions hosted on Thursdays and Fridays for Members and on additional days for Joint Training Sessions. As you can imagine, the Main Base revolves around the skills needed for our Airbourne Brigade as well as dabbling in supporting or additional assets so that we ensure to cover and specialise in all areas of combat from the air.

The Runways naturally encompass a large area of the base with a full complement of equipment and vehicles to enable our members to have access to Mission Capable assets that they will become familiar with not only during their training courses but also as they transfer those skills to our Private and Public Missions. 

As you enter the main entrance of the base you'll also have access to the wide range of Sky Diving Training, Main Classrooms, Medical Facilities and Sports Facilities

Kamino Training Area - Firing Range
With the attraction of professional Marksmen and Weapons Skills courses that we host - We naturally have to have the skills areas to run them and that's where our Kamino Firing Range comes into play. A fully equipped Firing Range which allows our members to not only familiarise themselves with our Unit's Arsenal but also gain certification with our team of Training Instructors.