Server Rules

1. Reserve your slot on the website before the game date. Failure to do so will prevent you from joining in, unless theres a free/non reserved slot.

2. When entering the game lobby, do not pick a slot, wait until the commander assigns the slots for the team.

3. 1 life missions may have respawn available incase some problem (getting arma'd) happens. If you respawned without a reason, you will be kicked.

4. For the enjoyment of all, make sure you arrive 15 mins early to the event, to fix any occuring problems with mods and teamspeak.

5. Organization is important, so we ask that you please listen to the leadership and maintain unit cohesion.

6. It is mandatory to have the same name at Website,Discord,Teamspeak and Game.If you cannot change it yourself ask a member of the HQ to do it.