Our rules

1. Brothers in Arms' objective is to promote a respectful, entertaining, and judgment-free gaming environment. As such, please act in a way that befits this . The rule also extends to avatars and discord names.

2. Do not post offensive, shocking or NSFW content. We also ask you to avoid political contents in general, even in the name of history.

3. No trolling, spamming or abusing whatsoever! If you are found to disrupt others experience intentionally, whether ingame or out of it, you may be permanently banned from the server.

4. Our staff loves to help you with anything you might need. However, please, understand that it is extremely disruptive to receive multiple pings for a specific problem.

5. It would make our time, both ours and yours, a lot easier if you would post in the correct sections of the server channels. Multiple violations of this rule will result in restrictions of your access.

6. We have sections for you to post your screenshots, videos, and even community groups. However, we do not allow scam websites, and any other content that is restricted by our rules in any form.

7. The staff is doing their best to maintain a healthy and fun environment for you. Nevertheless, they cannot do it without you. Listen, follow and respect the instructions received by staff members. They are working to your best interests!