About Brothers in Arms team


The aim of our community is to deliver an authentic, immersive and atmospheric representation of WW2 battles and war stories from the various sides and factions, and allowing each and every one of our players to experience it first hand! We focus on quality of construction, organization, historical realism, while also taking creative liberties to enhance the experience. This will ensure that both arma but also ww2 enthusiasts will spend an enjoyable night with us.


Our range of missions and modes will vary from PvE to PvP game modes, Zeused or Scripted, multiple faction gameplay, all in a realistic and fun package that will immerse the player in his mission.


Operations are played every Sunday and Thursday at 19:30 GMT.We usually play two missions each lasting about an hour and use a reserve only system, meaning that to keep the experience proper, we will not allow late joining and other, non immersive mechanics.


The modpack is kept relatively light so as to not hinder the game or the player in its download, and serves to provide all of the aforementioned key points for a nice mission.